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The exhibition space known as the Haus am Kleistpark is one of the largest and longest-running municipal art galleries in Berlin and is affiliated with two further sites: the Haus am Kleistpark | Projektraum and the Galerie im Tempelhof Museum. Until 2016, the exhibition rooms in the gallery in the Tempelhof Town Hall were also used. As non-commercial contemporary art spaces municipal galleries stand for cosmopolitanism, experimentation, and artistic discoveries at a high level. Here, local reference and intercultural exchange coalesce with the inclusion of global contexts. As municipal galleries they are tasked with the cultural development of their respective districts, the promotion of artists, grassroots work within the art sector, and continuing support for the exploration of current issues of importance.

Though the municipal gallery Haus am Kleistpark as well as the Haus am Kleistpark | Projektraum and the Galerie im Tempelhof Museum focus on the work of contemporary artists who live and work in Berlin, they also exhibit nationally and internationally known artists. Special emphasis is on the promotion of artistic photography. Since 2011 the director of the Haus am Kleistpark has been Barbara Esch Marowski.

Haus am Kleistpark and Haus am Kleistpark | Projektraum

Exhibition Nadja Bournonville « A Form Crossed the Street » , 2022, photo © Amélie Losier

The Haus am Kleistpark’s large exhibition hall (240 square meters) features art exhibitions as well as exhibitions of a cultural-historical nature in which processes of social transformation are an integral part of the discourse. Many projects are realised through collaboration with various partners (such as Goldrausch, Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen 1867 e.V., or the Universität der Künste.) In addition, every year the Haus am Kleistpark awards its annual Art Prize as well as its work-grant in photography. The gallery also offers a separate communications programme for schools.

Exhibition Milan Koch « Territorium », 2023, photo © Amélie Losier

The Projektraum, located on the Haus am Kleistpark’s mezzanine, has been in use since 2015. Dedicated to experimentation, the flexible space is used for exhibition projects, book presentations, and various supporting programmes.

Galerie im Tempelhof Museum

Performance by Ariel William Orah during the opening of “Minor Feelings” by the Interspace Collective, photo © Amélie Losier

Just a few kilometres away from the former airport of Tempelhof and well connected by U-Bahn and bus stands the former schoolhouse of Mariendorf, built in 1873. Inside, on the mezzanine of the Tempelhof Museum, you will find the municipal art gallery.

Here you will encounter professional artists presenting their work along with exhibitions that explore questions of a cultural-historical nature. During the summer, the gallery offers engaged, Berlin-based artists a forum to present their work: art comes directly to the place where people live.

Exhibition Daniel Hölzl, Andreas von Ow, Sinta Werner und Andrea Wilmsen „Dimensionen“, 2023, photo © Amélie Losier