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Haus am Kleistpark

Haus am Kleistpark art prize 2020/21 awarded

Marike Schuurman received the art prize of the Haus am Kleistpark 2020/21 for her work “Alptraum” from 2018.
The jury consisting of Andreas Fiedler (chair), Frank Jimin Hopp, Elke Neumann, Peter Strauss, Barbara Esch Marowski and Sabine Ziegenrücker announced the winner on the evening of June 11.

„In my work I employ the medium of photography to investigate the ambiguity of manmade spaces and landscapes. One of the greatest concerns of our age is climate change. Glaciers worldwide are losing an average of 75 centimetres of their ice-thickness per year. Due to human-driven global warming, the glacier ice is melting faster and faster. To slow the acceleration of this irreversible melting process, during the summer glaciers in the Alps are even partially covered with reflective material. For the realisation of the series “Alptraum” I applied my technique of ‘reclaiming negatives’. In this specific way of working, I take photos with a Polaroid camera and “rescue” the negative from disappearing, which means I transform the subject from a photographic context into a content-related dimension of my work.”